Wheat procurement: middlemen once again active in Punjab: AFP

Agri Forum Pakistan Chairman Ibrahim Mughal has alleged that middle men are once again active in Punjab and buying wheat from the growers at the rate of Rs 1,060 per maund instead of Rs 1,200 per maund at 100 different places of the province owing slow wheat procurement drive by the Punjab Food Department and Pakistan Agricultural Storage and Services Corporation (Passco). 

Talking to media persons on Friday after a visit of the province, Ibrahim Mughal said that rains and windstorm was creating numerous hardships for wheat growers on one hand while on the other hand inaction by the food department and Passco is also forcing the growers to sell their produce on loss of Rs 140 per maund to middle men, Arhtis and flour mills owners. 

‘Selling wheat cheaper will cause a loss of Rs 10 billion to the growers and it will also damage the sowing of cotton and rice crops,’ Mughal claimed and added that at present international price of wheat in Pak rupees is 1,469 per maund. While Pakistani farmer is forced to sell world’s best grain at the rate of Rs 1,060 per maund. He said it is irony that Pakistani farmers are buying agricultural inputs on 60 per cent higher rates as compared to global farming community while selling its produce of wheat at 40 per cent lower rate. 

He said that if the Punjab Food department and Passco accelerate their wheat buying campaign then it will not only ensure national food security but also save the growers from loss on the hands of middle men. He said both these departments should buy at least 7 million tons of wheat from the growers. Agri Forum Pakistan Chairman also stressed the need that both these departments should not buy wheat from Arhtis or middle men as they had bought it from poor farmers on throw away prices to feather their own nest. He also alleged that Patwaris of revenue department were asking for heavy gratification from growers to give them land record. He said if somebody is not ready to pay bribe or not in a position to pay bribe then he is forced to visit offices again and again. 

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