Verdict of ICJ on Kishan Ganga Dam: KBP urges government to disclose all facts

Kisan Board Pakistan (KBP) President Sardar Zafar Hussein Khan has urged the government to disclose all the facts about the verdict of International Court of Justice (ICJ) on Kishan Ganga Dam where in according to the government international forum accepted Pakistan’s point of view on this dam. 

Expressing his reservations on the issue, KBP Chief in a statement issued on Monday, said that if construction of Kishan Ganga Dam was in violation of the principles of Indus Basin Water Treaty then what would be status of various other dams constructed by India over Jhelum, Chenab and Sindh rivers, which according to him were also in violation of the parameters of the Indus Basin Treaty. 

He also questioned that who would be responsible for the loss, Pakistan suffered due to these illegal dams constructed by India. He alleged that our rivers had turned in to canals and canals in to nullahs due to Indian water aggression. KBP Chief urged the government to hold a national scale consultation with all the stakeholders with regard to Indian water aggression and then approach the international court of justice for rest of the dams. He also said that who would guarantee that India would abide by the decision of the international court or delay its implementation like it was doing in case of UN resolution on Kashmir. 

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