Vegetable, fruit prices soar due to countrywide protests

A significant increase was recorded in vegetable and fruit prices during the past week against rates observed during the preceding week, as vegetables shipment from other parts of the country to the twin cities of Islamabad/Rawalpindi remained stuck because of countrywide protests against a blasphemous film. 

However, prices of other essential kitchen items remained firm, a survey conducted by Business Recorder showed here on Saturday. Traders and wholesalers in different markets of the twin cities of Rawalpindi/Islamabad told Business Recorder that vegetables are being supplied from Sindh, Punjab and other parts of the country. 

However, the ongoing countrywide protests have crippled the transportation system, creating hindrance in smooth supply of vegetables that caused shortage and increased prices. They maintained that the recent flood is also one of the reasons behind increase in prices. 

Survey noted that tomato was available at Rs 70-80 against Rs 60-70 per kg last week, onion at Rs 70 against Rs 45 per kg, potato at Rs 60 against Rs 42 per kg, carrot at Rs 90 against Rs 45 per kg, shimla mirch at Rs 120-140 against Rs 80 per kg, okra at Rs 70 per kg, karela at Rs 70 per kg, arvi at Rs 60 against Rs 50 per kg, chilli at Rs 140 against Rs 120 per kg and cucumber at Rs 90 against Rs 60-70 per kg. 

Fruit prices also registered a considerable increase; mango was available at Rs 160-200 per kg against 100-120 per kg, guava at Rs 100 against 50 per kg, banana stable at its previous price of Rs 180-200 per dozen, apple at Rs 100-200 per kg against Rs 80-180 per kg, peach at Rs 120-180 per kg and grapes at Rs 200-280 per kg during the last week. 

During the week under review, rice prices remained stable, as super kernel was available at Rs 134 per kg against Rs 125 at the utility stores, while at Rs 135-140 per kg in open market. Basmati rice was available at Rs 90-110 per kg against Rs 80-100 per kg in different markets. Chicken was being sold at Rs 130 per kg, while chicken meat at Rs 230 per kg registering an increase of Rs 10 and Rs 15 per kg respectively. Meat prices remained stable during last week as mutton was available at Rs 560 per kg, whereas beef at Rs 380 per kg. 

However, no change was observed in ghee/cocking oil, flour and sugar prices during the week past against the preceding week. No significant change was observed in price of pulses, as mash was still available at Rs 160 per kg, moong at Rs 150 per kg, lobia at Rs 145 per kg, masoor at Rs 130 per kg against 125 per kg, while channa at Rs 120 per kg and white channa at Rs 130-150 per kg in different markets. 

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Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
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