Traders accused of fleecing consumers

Market players- retailers and wholesalers – are selling all essential kitchen items on exorbitant prices despite passage of one week after Eidul Fitr, reveals a survey conducted by Business Recorder here on Saturday. 

This scribe noted in the survey that traders in different markets of the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad are reluctant to decrease the prices, which they had jacked up ahead of Eid festival and are selling tomatoes at Rs 95-100 per kg, onions at Rs 70-80 per kg, potatoes at Rs 60 per kg, green chilli at 80 per kg, chicken at Rs 190-225 per kg, fresh milk at Rs 95 per litre, curd at Rs 100 per kg, eggs at Rs 95 per dozen and vegetable gee loose at Rs 168 per kg last week as compared to the preceding week. 

When asked about the reasons behind hike in vegetable prices after Eid, the traders replied that supply of vegetables to the twin cities was badly affected due to rainy season and they were of the view that the vegetables cultivated at the banks of small rivers and nullahs were destroyed due to flood. 

A tomato grower, who was present at the Sabzai Mandi Islamabad while rejecting the stance of the traders, said that he cultivated tomato near River Sawan but noting happened to his crop in the season. Blaming the government for exorbitant prices of vegetables, he said that due to the absence of price monitoring mechanism, the traders” mafia is looting consumers and growers as they purchase vegetables on cheaper rates and sell them on their own sweet will. 

The survey noted that meat prices remained stable last week as compared to the preceding week, as mutton was being sold at Rs 600-620 per kg and beef at Rs 280-300 per kg. Meanwhile, price of entire range of pulses remained unchanged last week as compared to the preceding week as Mash washed was available at Rs 140-160 per kg, Moong at Rs 130-150 per kg, Masoor at Rs 120-130 per kg, while rice basmati broken was available at Rs 90 per kg. The survey noted a slight decline in some fruits price last week as compared to the preceding week as bananas was being sold at Rs 140-180 per dozen, apple at Rs 100-200 per kg last week as compared to preceding week. 

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