PWC President advocates construction of KBD

Punjab Water Council (PWC) has reiterated that “the most feasible and economical Kalabagh Dam” on the mighty Indus river could have saved Punjab and Sindh provinces from the recurring devastation of floods. “No consensus is needed under the Indus Basin Water Treaty of 1960 to cater to the need of water storages by building new reservoirs like Kalabagh,” it added. 

PWC President Chaudhry Hamid Malhi said on Tuesday that the current wave of floods after causing damage to standing crops, life and property in Punjab was now heading towards Sindh. “More than 5 MAF of crucial river water has already been wasted. Tarbela Dam is full to capacity and there is no other dam to store the flows of Indus and Kabul rivers; from now on all water will be flowing downstream Sindh into the sea. The flood flows of Ravi, Sutlej and Chenab will also add to these flows to create another nightmare in Sindh. Is this what the opponents of Kalabagh Dam want,” he questioned. 

Malhi pointed out that the opponents of Kalabagh Dam were not considering the devastation being caused to standing crops, property and infrastructure worth billions of rupees besides loss of precious lives. PWC President said that construction of Kalabagh Dam should start forthwith and if need be, under the supervision of the Supreme Court, to address all concerns. “The construction of Sardar Sarowar Dam in India could be a good example for resolving the controversy. There is no other way to lead the country to progress and prosperity,” he added. 

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Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
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