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With reference to news item carried by Business Recorder on 6 February 2013, a spokesman for Pakistan Steel clarifies that there is no dispute between CEO and CFO. “The CFO has tendered his resignation at his own free will and nobody compelled him to do so. In his resignation dated 22nd January 2013 addressed to the CEO he requested for acceptance of his resignation as CFO Pakistan Steel with immediate effect clearly stating that the resignation is based on personal reasons. He also requested for grant of a 19-day leave effective from 28th January 13 with permission to eave the headquarters from 24th January 13. 

“As far as the case of Farrukh Sadiq, ex-Deputy General Manager (Internal Audit) is concerned, it is clarified Farrukh Sadiq DGM (Internal Audit) submitted a conditional request for extension dated 13 December 12 as General Manager (Internal Audit) for a period of one year w. e. f. 01-1-2013. 

“It is to be noted that present CEO has already extended his extension case 6 months before with an increment of salary, so the allegation in this regard is baseless. As per Pakistan Steel Officers’ Service Rules & Regulations, the required conditions of eligibility for the post of General Manager are Masters Degree in relevant discipline from recognised university with 15-20 years post qualification experience. “The other codal formalities for the sake of transparency and merit include wide circulation of the post in National Dailies covering all provinces/regions of the country with permission from Board Human Resource Committee (BHRC)/BOD, PSM. 

“Farrukh obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce in the year 1999. He possessed only 06 years post qualification experience before joining Pakistan Steel and about five and half years experience in Pakistan Steel. “In keeping with the codal formalities it was not possible to allow him the post of General Manager, his conditional request was not approved and he was relieved of his duty after expiry of his service contract on 31st December 2012. Keeping in view the above facts it is stated that these baseless news are part of foiling the struggle of PS revival,” the clarification concludes. 

Apropos “MoP worried: Transparency International Pakistan not to attend PSM tender opening meeting” carried by Business Recorder on February 8, the spokesman clarified that PSM had invited Transparency International Pakistan to participate in the tender for sale of yard as an observer vide letter No Maktg/CS&C/203: dated 01.02.2013 as per previous practice. 

“The spokesman of Pakistan Steel also commenting on the above news said that as regard iron ore tenders, we remain always in touch with Transparency International since the very first tender No BMD/01/IOF & IOL/12 published on 05.09.2012. The response time of the said tender was fixed as per advise of Transparency International Pakistan. Also the tender No BMD/02/IOF & IOL/12 published on 23.09.2012 was opened on 08.11.2012 as per advice of Transparency International Pakistan. Since then various letters from Transparency International Pakistan raising observations on the subsequent tenders received and promptly replied with. The correspondence refer to above, speaks itself of the fact that Transparency International Pakistan is regularly watching all the Iron Ore tenders and intention of Pakistan Steel Mills to keep all its tenders in line with PPRA Rules in order to eliminate the possibility of mis-procurement. 

“The spokesman said apropos of the observation that Pakistan Steel is awarding on Ore tenders on non competitive basis, we may like to add that after technical evaluation, the commercial bids of the referred tenders were opened by the Board Price Committee and Letter of Intents were issued as per the directives of Board Price Committee after due diligence PPRA Rules-2004, don’t put any limit on number of tenders bids received in response to notices provided that the procurement opportunity has been advertised in the prescribed manner. The single bid may be considered if it meets the evaluation criteria expressed in the tender notice and is not in conflict with any other rules, regulation in policy of the Federal Government (refer: FAQs published by PPRA dated: 28.12.2012). 

“Besides above Pakistan Steel also get advices from time to time directly from PPRA for improvement of the procurement procedures. Spokesman assures that PSM is strictly following PPRA and trying hard to keep to all its procurement procedures transparent,” the clarification concludes. 

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