Prices fluctuated in both directions without providing relief to consumers

Along with the loud shouts of Bachit or no Bachit bazaar, the holy month of Ramazan stealthily arrived the other day with hheavy load of God’s blessings World leaders and leading economists with their figures of thinning economy have started talking where the wrong was subject to omission or sort of “favouritism” in placing man on top of institutions. 

The card and money poor were lucky to get after scaling walls. While the few set up Utility Stores were said to be short of sugar and grams. Talking about commodity wholesale markets’ trend it was given as keeping mostly higher. On Monday the poor man’s must item, wheat and a filler for all showed a rise of Rs 25 to Rs 2475 and Rs 2500, masoor Canada rose by Rs 200 to Rs 700 and masoor dal was sharply higher by Rs 500 to Rs 6500, urad Burma heard after good gap rose by Rs 200 to Rs 3000 and Rs 3300, Khandsari was up by Rs 100 to Rs 5500, yellow peas Canada low type rose by Rs 100 to Rs 4500 while the other type rose by Rs 50 to Rs 4700, Irri-6 Sindh gained Rs 25 to Rs 3475 and Rs 3525, juwar shed Rs 100 to Rs 2000 to Rs 2100, moong Punjab was sharply down Rs 500 to Rs 7000. 

On Tuesday the sinking sound of efforts Pakistan and the US trying to normalise ties was turning grim though stake-holders know pretty well the world is same in which they live. How the good news of huge quantity of unconventional gas recovered in Balochistan basin is given a useful shape has to be awaited. That the good news turn out as slow moving as the discovery of coal and the moment when it will start benefiting this energy starved country. 

Meanwhile, BD tea cost surged on heavy demand from consumers. The Canadian Canola fall eased worry in edible oil using country. In Karachi commodity wholesale markets stays without subject to fluctuation. High cost dampened demand. Any way cottonseed oil cake with bag in Sindh low type was down by Rs 50 to Rs 450 while the other type was put at Rs 700. On Wednesday cabinet okayed signing of MoU in respect to Nato Cargo transit, the Britain’s far deeper recession as accepted by its finance minister. Another P-1 news Putin due in Pakistan soon to sign several pacts was likely to blow some oxygen in not too good economic shape. Wheat in local markets, new and old with bardan showed upward surge by Rs 150 to Rs 2800 and Rs 2840, Irri-6 Sindh low type shed Rs 25 to Rs 3450, cottonseed oilcake with bag in Sindh old low type shed Rs 50 to Rs 400, while the better one held to previous level at Rs 700, cottonseed oilcake with bag in Sindh new variety was quoted at Rs 980 and Rs 1000 said to be due to better quality. 

On Thursday Ramazan Bazars were in service as authorities concerned were asked to report progress on daily basis. 

Globally commodity wholesale markets stated penetrating, so, indeed were commodities locally to day, makai, after soaring for two days fell sharply by Rs 125 to Rs 2350 / 2375, juwar however gained, low type Rs 250 to Rs 2250 while the better type rose by Rs 200 to Rs 2300,Irri-6 Sindh rose by Rs 25 to Rs 3425 and Rs 3500, cottonseed oilcake in Sindh with bag was up by Rs 100 to Rs 500, while other type lost same amount to Rs 600, cottonseed oilcake new with bag was quoted at Rs 1000. 

On Friday prices remained unchanged as most of the traders were busy in preparations for Juma prayers. 

On Saturday guwar Sindh and Punjab was sharply up by Rs 400 to Rs 20000-21000, other items maintained overnight levels. 

Cottonseed oilcake with bag Sindh old low type was down by Rs 100 to Rs 400 while the best quality gained same amount to Rs 700, new variety was quoted lower at Rs 950-970. 

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