Price of chicken meat surges

Price of chicken meat has registered a surge during the last couple of weeks adding to the woes of masses who are already facing problems in meeting both ends meet. The retailers are offering chicken meat at Rs 310 – Rs 330 per kg in different areas of the city. A few weeks ago chicken price ranged between Rs 260-280 per kg. 

The unprecedented rise in chicken prices was attributed by the traders to massive during ongoing wedding season. The demand and supply gap in the market is also pushing up chicken prices beyond the purchasing power of common man. The retailers held poultry farmers responsible for short supply of chicken which resulted in price hike. 

Buyers said that chicken meat was the only commodity which they could buy and afford because of its low price. Shopkeeper claimed that wide gap of demand and supply has pushed the rate of chicken meat upward. Besides chicken meat, prices of beef also have increased from Rs 380 per kg to Rs 400 per kg. Consumers said not a single vegetable is available in the market which is less than Rs 50 per kg except potato which is selling at Rs 20 per kg. 

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Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
Muhammad Ramzan Rafique

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