PMKM opposes idea of revisiting Indus Basin Water Treaty

Pakistan Mutthida Kisan Mahaz (PMKM) opposes the idea of revisiting Indus Basin Water Treaty floated at a seminar arranged by an educational institute and alleged this is a conspiracy to make an international opinion that Pakistan no more needs water from Chenab, Jhelum or Sindh for agriculture. 

PMKM Chief Ayub Khan Mayo while addressing a press conference here on Friday said such statements are being made to convince the world opinion that India has more right on water of these rivers than Pakistan against the 1960’s Indus Basin Water Treaty. He alleged that such anti-agriculture and anti-Pakistan seminars are being arranged for securing foreign funding. He said that huge amount spent on this seminar for national and international delegates is a big question. 

PMKM Chief alleged that such opinions and such seminars were only being arranged to give water of Pakistan’s share in rivers to India. He said that it would ruin our agriculture, our industry heavily relying on agriculture and even jobs of millions of people attached with this sector. He urged the government to take action against such happenings and announced that it reserves the right to approach court if government failed to take action against such events. 

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Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
Muhammad Ramzan Rafique

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