PM urges countrymen to go green!


Caretaker Prime Minister (PM) Mir Hazar Khan Khoso urged Pakistanis to pay due attention to overcome the climatic and ecological challenges being faced by planet Earth and asked everyone to make concerted efforts for its preservation. 
The PM, in his message on Earth Day, being observed across the world on April 22, said it was a sacred duty to work together in overcoming challenges posed by climatic discrepancies to seize sharp ecological dilapidation.
He said on April 22, billions of people around the world would be observing the World Earth Day, with a purpose to reiterate a resolve to protect mother Earth from challenges which are threatening its existence. 
“World Earth Day is the biggest environment related event in the world. The day reminds us of our responsibility to take necessary steps for preservation of its pristine nature and to fight against elements working towards degradation of its ecosystem,” the premier said. 
Khoso further said it was heartening that his countrymen would be joining the international community in this mega event. 
The theme of the day for this year, “The Face of Climate
Change,” highlighted the effects of climate change on the ecosystem of the earth. 
The premier said it was worth mentioning that Pakistan had already launched a national policy on climate change, detailing how it planned to tackle the challenges posed by global warming, mitigate its risks and adapt key sectors of the country’s economy to cope with its consequences. 
The policy is a major leap towards implementation of relevant Rio+20 outcomes, the PM said, adding that the policy, developed with support from United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), recommended some 120 steps the country could take to slow down the impact of global warming and adapt sectors such as energy, transport and agriculture. 
The PM further said, “I am confident that with commitment, supported by institutional mechanism, the government of
Pakistan will positively contribute in maintaining ecological balance and making this world a safe and pollution free place to live in.” 
He said he was sure the day’s celebration would sensitise people to practically participate in reducing environmental hazards. 
Every year, people from around the world representing various communities take part in Earth Day-related activities to voice their concerns for the planet and renew their commitment for protection and preservation of environment. – 


Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
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