Paradoxical situation over NAB’s raid on TCP godowns

National Accountability Bureau (NAB) and Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) appear engaged in a paradoxical situation over NAB’s raid on TCP godowns. The investigator and grain trader both seem to be overstepping the parameters they are supposed to operate in and both appear to be groping in the alley chasing the issues which are of no public consequence. Business Recorder had carried a story regarding NAB team’s raid on a TCP warehouse in Lyari in its issue of August 6. 

The story was entirely based on a press release issued by NAB, expecting accolades for their work, realising little that in doing so they would be inviting the wrath of their own community. On its part the TCP, it appears, without any knowledge of NAB’s press release took up the cudgel against this newspaper. The rebuttal issued by TCP should, therefore be directed towards NAB and no aspersions on the newspaper please. TCP should have checked up as to where the story had come from. In fact PR (press release) has been mentioned at the end of the press release published by Business Recorder. For the readers to have a feel of the entire situation we are reproducing the TCP rebuttal here below: 

1. Reference news report published in 6-08-2013 issue of Business Recorder, regarding supply of underweight bags and raid on TCP’s warehouses at Liyari (Karachi) and Kasur, TCP wishes to clarify that, there is no involvement of TCP for alleged supply of underweight bags, there is no warehouse owned, operated and managed by TCP at Lyari and Kasur, which have been raided and sealed by the NAB as reported. 

As per procedure the urea is filled in the bags at port in presence of NFML’s representatives: During filling one bag out of each 10 bags is checked by NFML representative to ensure proper filling. After entire satisfaction of the representative of NFML about quality and quantity, the vehicles carrying urea are handed over to NFML and dispatched from the port against proper receipt wherein the quantities are dully certified by authorised NEMI representative. 

The truck loaded with urea bags is again checked for cumulative weight at the weighbridge before leaving terminal to ensure correctness in total weight of urea bags in presence of NFML representative, which he again duly certifies at the end of daily dispatch report. As such, there is no role of TCP in handling, storage and sale of urea once dispatched from port and handed-over to the NFML. In view of the position explained above, the alleged news report is, incorrect and misleading. The same is therefore denied. 

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