Pakistani Mango by shipment reached Europe

About the commercially successful mango consignment ever to Netherlands via marine CA container: why it was successful…… travelled a lot it’s journey started on 10th June 2012……..The CA container of Sindhri mangoes from Zain Shah’s farm arrived at Total Exotics on 12th July 2012 morning. And what Total Exotics manager said “I am pleased to report a generally good fruit arrival condition. Externally, the fruit appearance was really good, without any postharvest decay. Not to have any noticeable anthracnose or stem-end rot decay on the fruit was amazing. Currently, the sugar content of the fruit ranges between 12 to 17%, depending on maturity and the flavor is insipid (too acidic).it’ll improve after ripening. All of the pallets arrived in good condition, with minimal damage. A good job was done with loading and bracing the load inside. It is too early to determine if this shipment will be a commercial success. We must wait and see how the fruit will ripen and hold up during the next few days. Marketing of the fruit will begin on Friday. If everything is done right, beginning with good pre-harvest tree management and disease control, proper harvesting practices, appropriate postharvest care, followed by rapid fruit cooling and cold chain maintenance, then CA marine container transport of mangoes from Pakistan to Europe has a bright future”.. By.Hadi Laghari

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