Pakistan’s first Wind Energy Farm based at Jhimpir: Fauji Fertiliser vows support for underprivileged communities

Fauji Fertiliser Company Limited, Pakistan’s biggest urea manufacturer has assured its complete and withstanding commitment to the uplift and well being of underprivileged communities around Pakistan’s 1st Wind Energy Farm based at Jhimpir, district Thatta. 

The 50 mega watt Wind Energy Farm has been completed in a record time by FFC Energy Limited (FFCEL), a subsidiary of FFC established with the vision to introducing and promoting renewable and environmental friendly energy generation in Pakistan. With the Wind Farm commencing its Commissioning Operations, two objectives stand realised, (a) Renewable and Green Energy based on inexhaustible indigenous resource; and (b) The first step which cuts into the Circular Debt issue as there is nothing to import to run the Project for its lifetime. 

FFC which is the largest contributor to the national exchequer through its tax contributions has a self imposed commitment through a huge and voluntary Self Sustaining Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative all over Pakistan. It has programmes which are working for the assistance and uplift of communities since 1982. FFC’s multifaceted CSR programme primarily focuses on education, health care, poverty alleviation, sports promotion, environmental protection and disaster relief and rehabilitation. 

On similar lines FFC CSR has initiated a community uplift and support programme at Jhimpir, focusing on villages surrounding FFC Wind Energy Farm. The US $100,000 programme equivalent to Rs 9.4 million for 2012 has been launched in partnership with NORDEX, the Wind Turbine manufacturer. 

FFC will focus on the up gradation and rehabilitation of health facilities at Jhimpir Town BHU, educational infrastructure, provision of clean and safe drinking water, uplift programme for native farming community and improvement in road tracks in the surrounding villages. FFC will be constructing a gynaecology ward for Jhimpir Town BHU, the sole health facility accommodating 37,000 residents from surrounding communities. 

The up gradation will also include provision of water supply and storage facility, installation of electric water cooler for patients along with construction of wash rooms at the BHU. Jhimpir residents had a long standing issue with the availability of clean drinking water, which is responsible for various diseases and epidemics among the native population. FFC is installing 4 water filtration plants at Goth Khameeso Shoro, Goth Umer Chang and Goth Suleman Palari to cater the need for uninterrupted and hygienically clean drinking water. Each filtration plant is equipped with 4000 gallon water storage capacity and has backup generator as well. 

In the educational sector, FFC will be rehabilitating a Girls Primary School (Goth Suleman Palari) and Boys Primary School (Goth Khamiso Shoro). The rehabilitation will include infrastructure improvement including civil work, installation of water supply (hand pumps), and construction of children’s playing area, provision of furniture for teachers and students and renovation of washrooms. Community Mosque at Goth Suleman Palari will also undergo up gradation with necessary civil works and electrical amenities. 

At Goth Umer Chang, FFC will be upgrading transportation network with the rehabilitation of existing 2-km road track. To assist farming communities in the proximity of FFCEL’s wind energy farm, FFC will be distributing 400 Sona Urea Bags among 60 families to assist them in poverty alleviation and overhaul the existing farming practices prevailing in the area. 

The Chief Executive & Managing Director FFC Lieutenant General Naeem Khalid Lodhi (Retd) visited FFC Wind Energy Farm at Jhimpir on September 03, 2012 and was briefed on the ongoing CSR activities in the area. Expressing FFC’s commitment towards social responsibility, CE & MD assured that FFC believes in with standing relationship with the community around FFCEL’s 50 MW wind farm at Jhimpir and FFC will initiate and sustain more programmes for the welfare of the native population. He also committed that FFC will oversee and sustain this programme at Jhimpir for a lifetime which reflects FFC’s commitment to the uplift and welfare of communities in need of assistance across Pakistan. 

The distribution of 400 urea bags by FFC will be carried out on September 06, 2012 at Jhimpir BHU. FFC management led by the Project Director of the Wind Project Brigadier Tariq Izaz, CSR Manager Maliha Malik and the Administrative Manager Major Farzok will be joined by District Administration Thatta for this first ever CSR activity in this area/ district including DCO, AC, DIG and DPO working collectively for the relief and up gradation of surrounding communities.-PR 

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