MoP worried: TI Pakistan not to attend PSM tender opening meeting

The Ministry of Production is reportedly disturbed over Transparency International Pakistan’s refusal to participate in tender opening meeting of Pakistan Steel Mills (PSM) scheduled for February 7, 2013, well-informed sources told Business Recorder.

The sources said that PSM, in a letter has requested TI Pakistan to participate as observer in the tender opening meeting. 

According to the terms of the MoU signed on 23 August 2010, TI Pakistan will be an observer in all PS procurement of over Rs 10 million, besides sale tenders. 

“Absence of TI Pakistan at the time of tender opening is disturbing and gives birth to speculations,” the sources added. 

TI Pakistan maintains that Pakistan Steel Mills has violated the terms of the MoU, and has adopted pick and choose discretionary steps and has been avoiding inviting of TI Pakistan representatives in the iron ore tenders opening as observer for last nine months, which is against the spirit of the MoU. Secondly, it also noted that PSM is awarding iron ore tenders on non-competitive rates based on single bids, which is against the requirements of PPRA Rules and Regulations. 

“Keeping in mind the whole situation, TI Pakistan has refused to participate as observer in any tender opening of PSM,” the sources added. 

When contacted, advisor to TI Pakistan Adil Gilani confirmed that the organisation is not participating in the tendering process in protest. 

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Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
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