Mills not complying with directives of food department

Flour mills are not complying with directives of food department and flour is still being sold at higher prices. Wheat flour is available up to Rs 44 per kilogram in the retail market as against announced price of Rs 33.50 per kilogram by food department. 

On Tuesday, Sindh Food Department announced to provide 500 bags of wheat grains to each flour mills at Rs 2,800 per 100-kg bag and at the same time fixed wheat flour price at Rs 33.50 per kg. However, despite clear directives of food department, it has witnessed that flour mills are still selling commodity at higher prices. 

Chukki Atta is being sold at Rs 44 per kilogram, Fine Aatta Rs 41 per kilogram and Dhai No Atta is Rs 39 per kilogram in the retail market. Market sources said that wheat flour is easily available in the market, but at higher rates. “Despite the fact the country has sufficient stock of wheat, the masses is compelled to pay more for an essential food item”, they added. 

Millers claimed that food department is not supplying wheat as per commitment and wheat is being supplied at higher price as compared to announced price of Rs 2,800 per 100-kg bag. They said that delivery of wheat from food department is also very slow and it will take some time to reduce flour prices. 

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