Met Office advisory for farmers

The Meteorological department issued advisory for farmers till 20th January as under: (a) Wheat crop is in Tillering/Shooting development stages in most of the agricultural plains of the country but in a few areas wheat crop is in Third Leaf/Tillering stage; 

(b) Removing weeds from standing crops is very important as weeds utilise moisture, which may be utilised by the crop. However, weedicides or manually should be used against weeds and removed all type of weeds from the standing crops; (c) Farmers may irrigate the crop as per requirement by keeping in mind the coming conditions of weather in most of the agricultural plains of the country; 

(d) Due to drop of temperatures, high humidity and cold air, foggy conditions may prevail in the plain areas of the country; farmers of plain areas are advised to take in-time necessary measurements to protect their crops, vegetables, fruits, etc, and 

(e) Due to further drop of night temperatures, especially farmers of upper & central areas are advised to protect their crops, vegetables, fruits etc from the frost. 

WEATHER FORECAST TODAY Mainly cold weather is expected over most parts of the country with mist over Southern Punjab and Upper Sindh during morning. However, thunderstorm/rain with snowfall over the hills is likely to occur at scattered places of upper Khyber- Pakhtunkhwa, Gilgit-Baltistan and Kashmir. Also, thunderstorm/rain with snowfall over the hills may occur at isolated places of northern Punjab and Sindh-Makran coast. 

It said scattered rain with snow over the hills is likely over upper KP upper Punjab, Quetta division and Kashmir/Gilgit on Thursday. Meanwhile weather remained cold and dry in most parts of the country. 

COLDEST PLACES IN THE COUNTRY Skardu -12°C, Parachinar -10°C, Astore -09°C, Gupis -08°C, Kalat -07°C, Hunza -06°C, Quetta, Dalbandin -05°C, Dir and Chitral -04°C. 

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