Kitchen items’ prices remain stable in last week

Prices of most essential kitchen items remained stable without any significant increase during the last week as compared to preceding week, according to survey conducted by Business Recorder on Saturday. 

The survey was noted the vegetable prices remained unchanged during last week against the preceding week, as Cauliflower was available at Rs 25 per-kg, Kado at Rs 50 kg, Tinda at Rs 60 kg, Turnip at Rs 20 kg, Cabbage at Rs 30 kg, Arvi at Rs 40-50 kg, Brinjal at Rs 25 kg, Potatoes at Rs 20-25 kg, Cucumber at Rs 40 kg, Carrot at Rs 20 kg, Radish Rs 20 bundle, Green Chilli at Rs 80 kg, Lemon at Rs 60 kg. 

During the week past, ginger and garlic prices registered an increase of Rs 40 per-kg each, while lemon Rs 20 kg due to increase in demand. Prices of Shimla Mirch registered a slight increase as available at Rs 100 kg against the Rs 70-80 kg, Lady Finger was being sold at Rs 120 kg against Rs 100 kg, while Pease is available at Rs 70-80 kg against the Rs 60, Karela at Rs 100 kg against the Rs 80 kg during last week as compared to preceding week. 

While the tomato prices plummeted in market, as available at Rs 40 kg against Rs 50-60 kg, while onions were available at Rs 25-30 kg without change during last week. Prices of entire ranges pulses, remained unchanged during last week, as wholesaler and retailers says that buyers are mostly purchase these low price commodities amid high prices of veggies, meat chicken, and other daily use items. 

Broken rice is available at Rs 50 kg, colonel rice at Rs 130 kg, high quality channa at Rs 130-kg, white beans at Rs 130 kg, Dal Channa at Rs 110 kg, Dal Mash at Rs 120 kg, Masoor at Rs 120 kg, Red beans at Rs 130 kg, channa at Rs 110 kg, Moonge at Rs 110 kg. Cooking oil/ghee in different brands, and quality is available from Rs 175-210 per kg/litre. 

No significant change was registered in prices of fruits during last week as compared to preceding week, as banana was available at Rs 40-50 per dozen, apples were being sold at Rs 70-100 kg, Kinoo at Rs 30-40 kg, Malta at Rs 50-60 kg, pomegranate at Rs 80-100 kg, dates at Rs 80-100 kg, Gauva at Rs 40-50 kg. 

Meat prices remained stable during last week as compared to the preceding week, as mutton was available at Rs 480-500 kg, and beef at Rs 240-270 kg, while chicken meat is being soled at Rs 178 kg, and live chicken with good weight is available at Rs 280 and normal at Rs 240-250. The survey noted the eggs prices slightly decreased at Rs 100 against the Rs 110-120 during the last week against the preceding week. 

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Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
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