IRSA releases 300,000 cusecs of water for hydel power generation, crop irrigation

The Indus River System Authority (IRSA) released about 300,000 cusecs water into the system on Thursday to augment hydel power generation and water availability in the irrigation canals network across the country for sowing and growing Kharif crops including cotton, paddy, sugarcane, maize, vegetables, fodder and fruits orchards. 

Punjab Irrigation canal regulator Eng. M.H. Siddiqui told Business Recorderthat the water regulatory body is meeting all the water demands of the provinces. Punjab is getting 1,05,000 cusecs water out of its share from the Indus and Mangla zones. He said with the increase of temperature in the upper regions of the country, the snow has started melting and running water in the four rivers is on the rise. The water flow in the mighty Indus has swelled to 1,81,000 cusecs, an increase of 1,00,000 cusecs during past four days. 

Similarly the River Kabul has been contributing nearly 1,00,000 cusecs water to the national water economy for past several days. 67,000 cusecs water is running in the River Jhelum at Mangla dam and 56,800 cusecs water is flowing in the River Chenab at Marala headwork’s near Sialkot. 

Siddiqui said since IRSA has increased water discharge in the Chashma-Jhelum link up to 15,000 cusecs and water flow in the River Chenab has also significantly increased. IRSA has reduced water outflow from Mangla dam to 25,000 cusecs to fill the upgraded Mangla dam as early as possible. The dam has been filled by 100ft from its dead level with the storage of 1.719 MAF water. 

IRSA is also retaining about 75.000 cusecs water in the Tarbela dam on the River Indus and releasing 1,05,000 downstream the reservoir for hydel power generation and irrigation of crops in south Punjab, KP, Sindh and Balochistan provinces. Water level in the dam has risen from 1378ft to 1418ft with the storage of about 0.9 MAF water. 

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