Irrigation Department begins opening canals

Punjab Irrigation Department has started opening irrigation canals, after a month long annual closure of waterways in December-January for desilting and repairs, to ensure water supply to tail-end areas and better management of vital natural resource. Punjab canal regulator engineer, Hasnain, told Business Recorder here on Tuesday that Punjab has increased its water indent from 8,000 cusecs to 20,000 cusecs downstream the Mangla dam to run the Upper and Lower Jhelum and Link irrigation canals in central and western Punjab. 

He said that the department is discharging 5,200 cusecs water in the Upper Chenab Canal taking off from Marala Head-works on river Chenab Punjab has not as yet put up its indent to draw water from the Indus zone, he added. According to 28th January rivers flows and reservoirs level report of Water and Power Development Authority, about 40,000 cusecs water is flowing at the rim stations of the four live rivers of the country, Indus at Tarbela 14,100, cusecs, Kabul at Nowshera 9,500 cusecs, Jhelum at Mangla 10,000 cusecs and Chenab at Marla 6,800 cusecs.IRSA is presently releasing 60,000 cusecs water into the countrywide irrigation network. 

The inflow at Jinnah Barrage on river Indus is 37,500, at Chashma barrage inflow is 39,100 cusecs and at Taunsa inflow is 26,900 cusecs Sindh province has already reopened its all perennial irrigation canals. It is receiving 32,800 cusecs water. at Guddu barrage 20.900 cusecs at Sukkur Barrage and 4495.Cusecs at Kotri barrage. Meanwhile the Meteorological department has forecast mainly cold and dry weather over most parts of the country today (Wednesday), however, scattered mist / fog is expected over plain areas of Punjab and upper Sindh. 

The weather report indicates that the country is passing through an extended dry spell and the day temperature has markedly risen in a week. Karachi was the hottest place in Pakistan on Tuesday where maximum temperature rose to 31.0 degree Celsius Maximum temperature in Lahore was 24.8C. Lowest minimum temperature was recorded at Skardu -11C, Astore -08C, Gupis -07C, Kalat, Hunza -5C, Gilgit, Parachinar, Kalam -03C, Rawalakot -02C, Drosh -01C. 

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