Indian dam on Chenab River: KBP urges government to take notice

Kisan Board Pakistan (KBP) has urged the government of Pakistan to take immediate notice of Indian attempt to construct another dam on Chenab leading total drying of the river and further shortage of water for agriculture in Pakistan. KBP Secretary General Malik Muhammad Ramzan Rohari while addressing the ‘water committee’ of the Board here on Wednesday said that India had started construction of ‘Karthai Dam’ on Chenab which was five times bigger than Baglihar Dam and its completion would further reduce water in the river. 

He expressed his astonishment that Pakistani Water Commissioner Mirza Asif Baig was oblivious of this fact and Pakistani government was anxious to sign trade agreements with India. He said that in recent past Pakistani government also tried to hoodwink its citizen by making false propaganda of winning case on Kishan Gana and Baglihar Dams. KBP leader also criticised the government decision of declaring India as ‘Most Favoured Nation’ and said our enemy was bent upon turning Pakistani in to Somalia and Ethiopia by stopping water in rivers but rulers for their own personal interests trying to strengthen relations with India. 

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