Incentives for meat processing industry demanded

Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Standing Committee on Halal Meat’s Convener Nasib Ahmad Saifi urged the government to exempt the meat processing industry from electricity load shedding to help it play its role in making Pakistan an outstanding name in the ever increasing international halal food market. 

‘Pakistan, being a Muslim and an agricultural country has the potential to assume leadership role in global halal food market by following proper strategies, policies and practices,’ Saifi added in a press statement issued here on Tuesday. Saifi, who is the Chief Executive M/s Anis Associates (Pvt) Limited and an exporter of halal food products, said that halal products are moving into mainstream business and their demand is steadily increasing. 

“Halal products are now seen as a potential engine of economic growth with an annual turnover of hundreds of billions of dollars globally,” he added. Saifi said that Pakistan is blessed with all seasons, fertile land and 48 percent dedicated agricultural work force. 

Saifi said Pakistan could easily increase halal meat products’ exports up to $5 billion. “One of the major problems faced by halal meat processors and exporters is gas and electricity load shedding. He said that Industry is facing a power closure of 12 to 14 hours per day and as a result of non-availability of gas, it is forced to keep the wheel moving on diesel generators. However, this adds to their cost consequently leading to be competitive in the international market. He regretted that India, China and other such countries are continuously capturing the international halal market despite being non-Muslim countries and Pakistani industry is not able to compete with them due to different issues including load shedding, high sea and air freights, high transport cost, etc. If gas and electricity are provided to them without any hindrance they can bring much more precious foreign exchange for the country,” he added. 

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