Immediate steps demanded to ease water shortages

Kisan Board Pakistan (KBP) has urged the rulers to take report by a US magazine ‘the Atlantic’ as an eye opener which has termed the shortage of water as the biggest threat for Pakistan instead of terrorism. KBP President Sardar Zafar Hussain Khan, General Secretary Malik Muhammd Ramzan rohari, Secretary Information Haji Muhammad Ramzan and others in a joint reaction over the American magazine report said that Pakistan, according to US magazine, was among those countries, which had capacity of storing only 30 days of water. 

While internationally organisations recommend having water storage of at least 100 days. KBP leaders said that India had already deprived Pakistan of its due share of river water due to ineptness of past rulers and officers of Indus water commission. They stated that recently Indian Supreme Court in its order of joining 30 rivers had further strengthened Indian water aggression against Pakistan. They said completion of this project would totally turn Pakistan in to a barren land and Pakistanis would not have even one drop of water for drinking or agriculture. They said even KBP take shortage of water and Indian water aggression as the biggest problem for Pakistan. They said that rulers in a bid to develop friendly ties with India should not ignore this harsh fact. 

KBP high ups demanded that the government should declare water as a national asset and prefer taking steps for meeting the water shortage created due to Indian water aggression. They said once India succeeded in constructing all the dams it planned would deprive Pakistan from power or water forever. They said there was only one solution and that was to immediately construct more dams in Pakistan to resolve the crisis. 

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Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
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