HCCI concerned over unhygienic conditions in vegetable market

Haji Ikhtiar Ahmed Arain Chairman of Market Sub-Committee of Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry (HCCI) in a press statement expressed concern over highly defective sanitary condition of fruit and vegetable market, Hyderabad. Due to mismanagement of Administrator Market Committee the tax money is not used properly. 

The sweepers are not being paid salaries therefore, they do not take interest in collection of garbage from the market area, hence garbage dumps along with sewerage water is causing problems for trucks and other vehicles bringing in and taking out fruits and vegetables from the market area. 

Haji Ikhtiar Ahmed Arain further said that traffic jams on the “Gharib Nawaz” bridge near fruit and vegetable market of Hyderabad especially in the morning hours has become a daily routine. Moreover, during rainy season the businessmen and hawkers and commission agents are compeled to use bridge area for auction of fruits and vegetables hence, the traffic jam becomes a serious problem. 

If the garbage is not lifted from the fruit and vegetable market on urgent basis, there is every likely hood that viral and other epidemic diseases may spread and reach to the general public. Arain highly regretted and said that the present Market Committee Administrator is not paying any attention to the cleanliness of fruit and vegetable market of Hyderabad. 

In fact the Market Committees were established by the Government to help the farmers to bring their farm produce to the fruit and vegetable markets easily and to take care of well being of business community dealing with fruits and vegetables. He further expressed that in a meeting with the Director General Agriculture Extension it was decided that 50 per cent of the revenue collected by Market Committee in shape of taxes would be spent on the maintenance of market including its cleanliness etc but could not materialised. 

He further said that the business community concerned with fruits and vegetables business since 1996 have paid millions of rupees for booking of plots in New Fruit and Vegetable Market near Hala Naka. 

Unfortunately the Market Committee made changes in the maps of fruit and vegetable market and allotted plots to their own people. When original allottees appealed to the honourable Civil Court, it orderd for allotment to 18 real owners, but the Administrator Market Committee is not willing to cooperate with the business community. Ikhtiar Ahmed demanded from the District Administration that the conditions of cleanliness and sewerage drains be improved at vegetable and fruit market Hyderabad before on set of current monsoon season and water pumps to drain out rain water be installed on priority basis and the allottes of new fruit and vegetable market be given possession of shops and sheds so that the fruit and vegetable market could be shifted to the new site near Hala Naka. 

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