Green Tractor Scheme criticised

The Punjab government’s Green Tractor Scheme meant for the youth of the province who own 2.5 acres of land is said to be flawed, as banks, as a matter of policy, do not extend loans against land holdings of less than 5 acres, sources told Business Recorder on Tuesday. 

According to the scheme, tractor allocations, previously made on the basis of cultivated area, were distributed in accordance with population, focusing on youth living in cities who do not really need a tractor. 

“Youth not really in need tractors and do not have the money to buy a tractor so the scheme fell victim to a mafia that is openly purchasing coupons in cities for a price ranging between Rs120,000 and Rs150,000,” said one of the stakeholders on condition of anonymity. 

According to him, these tractors which could not be sold for three years were now to be dumped in the open market at reduced rates. 

He maintained that tractors being distributed amongst the youth under Green Tractor Scheme will also find their way to Afghanistan through Quetta where trailer loads can be seen smuggling tractors into Afghanistan every day. 

“The government finds itself helpless to check this state of corruption. It is the taxpayer’s billions which are used to give such subsidies which end up fuelling corruption,” he said. 

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