Government’s efforts towards curtailing flour prices during Ramazan going nowhere

Government’s efforts to curtail wheat flour prices during Ramazan have seemed unsuccessful as its prices are continues to rise in the domestic market. Market sources said on Friday that massive procurement of wheat by exporters has further raised flour prices by Rs 2/kg to Rs 38/kg in the domestic market. This is the second increase in wheat prices during the Ramazan as previously as earlier on July 21, (Ist Razaman) wheat flour prices was up by Rs 2/kg. 

Chakki owners have raised wheat flour prices by Rs 2/kg ahead of higher wheat prices in the market. With current increase Chakki wheat flour (Aata) price has surged to Rs 38 from 36/kg, they said. In addition, the flour miller has also announced to raise flour price up to Rs 2/kg. Now economy flour, called Dhai No Atta, will be available in the market at Rs 340 ten kg bag previously being sold at Rs 320 ten kg bag. Price of 50 kg flour has increase by Rs 50 per bag to Rs 1630 per 50 kg bag from Rs 1580. In addition, price of fine flour has mounted by Rs 2/kg to Rs 37/kg. 

Market source said wheat grain prices have witnessed a surge of Rs 1,300 per ton owing to huge buying of exporters and market movers. Now, wheat grains are being sold at Rs 28,000-28,500 per tons. While, wheat grain bag of 100 kg is available at Rs 2,800 in the market. 

Under the Ramazan package, the Sindh government is spending Rs 2.5 billion for subsidy on wheat flour through Sindh Food Department. As per Ramazan package, the government of Sindh has decided to provide 200,000 tons of wheat to the millers at Rs 1800 per 100 kg bag during the holy month of Ramazan to facilitate the consumers. 

However, it seems that government’s planning has failed to provide flour at controlled price during Ramazan as despite of billions rupees subsidy, masses are compelled to procure expansive commodity at higher price, they added. Exporters are quickly procuring wheat from open market as wheat prices in the world market are on higher side and they are expecting huge export orders. Recently a ship carrying 35,000 tons of wheat for Malaysia has sailed from Port Qasim, they said. They have urged the government to take some measure for curtailment of wheat buying for export purpose otherwise its prices will reach at new peak level after Ramazan. 

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