Government urged to bring down petrol, diesel prices

Agri Forum Pakistan (AFP) Chairman Dr Muhammad Ibrahim Mughal said that prices of petrol should be at Rs 97 per litre and diesel rate at Rs 95 per litre in line with the international prices and as compared to fuel prices being charged in the neighbouring country. Talking to newsmen here on Tuesday, Dr Ibrahim Mughal said that prices should be come down in the country after fall in the prices of petroleum products in the global market. 

He also said that our neighbouring country which is also an importer of oil products, is selling diesel at Indian rupees 51 per litre, which in Pakistani currency comes to Rs 94 per litre. He said that if the government cut down prices of diesel to Rs 95 per litre and petrol at Rs 97 per litre, then it would provide a relief to the masses. 

But it looks that the government has failed to nab this trend and snub such cartels, he added. Agri Forum chairman said that the only solution to avoid day to day increase in the prices of electricity and oil is the construction of more or less four to five new dams in the country which would help generating 20,000 mega watt of electricity and people will get Rs 6 per unit of electricity. It will also discourage import of oil worth Rs 1200 billion helping bridging the gap between imports and exports. 

At conclusion, Mughal said that the government should give subsidy to the flour mills to ensure sale of flour to the masses on cheaper rates. He said that the government bought wheat from the growers at the rate of Rs 30 per kilogram and it should manage sale of flour in a way that it should be sold to the masses at Rs 35 per kilogram. 

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