Fresh pact demanded on distribution of water from Indus River

Terming the water accord 1991 as a constitutional step, members of civil society organisation have demanded the formation of a commission comprising technical experts, to evaluate the actual water resources of the Indus River, and to make a new pact for equal distribution of water between the provinces. 

Speaking at a press conference in connection with the “World Water Day” here at the press club on Friday, the Watan Welfare Society, Chairman Dr Said Alam Mehsood, said that the water agreement signed by then provincial governments in 1991, was unwise and unlawful, which needed to be immediately ended. 

Flanked by the society secretary Dr Mushtaq, members Fazal Elahi Advocate, Haji Inamullah, Jan Mohammad, and others, he asked the provincial government to depart from the water agreement as it was based on mala fide intentions, to seize the rich water resources of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Under the water accord 1991, he said the government had reached a deal to get their proper share of water from the Indus River, but they could no longer accept this inequitable distribution formula. 

Dr Mehsood criticised the successive of governments in the past that had failed to rise up against the inequitable distribution of water. Therefore, he said that there was no need to show further negligence in this crucial matter. We would continue our struggle against any unconstitutional steps, which would deprive the province of its legal rights, he vowed. He stated that they would also launch an awareness campaign in this regard. Rejecting the water accord 1991, he demanded the formation of a commission comprising of technical experts from the four provinces to exactly evaluate the water assets of the Indus River, and build a consensus under a fresh agreement for equal distribution of water between the four federating units. 

The water barrage constructed on Ghazi Brotha Hydro project, he said should be turned to the Indus River, and its possession rights be given to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. We also strongly oppose the agreement signed between the Capital Development Authority and a Chinese firm, for supply of water from Ghazi Brotha Hydro project to the twin cities. He also demanded that the royalty payment of water, provided to Islamabad and Murree from the Khanpur Dam, and Nathia Gali, should be spent on the welfare of the Hazara people. He further asked that water harvesting should be conducted in Hazara, Swat, Dir and the tribal region, to start the construction of small dams for irrigation purpose. 

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