Edibles’ prices: Low income group hit hard by hike

Recent increase in the price of flour ,along with increase in oil prices, power tariff and gas charges , is taking toll on the quality and quantity of Tandoori roti and chapatti, leaving the resident of the city to reconsider its role in their daily lives. 

Taking these factors into accounts many Tandoors and restaurants have reduced the weight and size of bread. They, however, have raised the price. The price of a chapatti has increased from Rs 6 to Rs 7 and that of a Naan from Rs 7 to Rs 10, at some places it is Rs 12. The chakki flour, which was earlier available at Rs 44 per kg has now surged to the level of Rs 45 to Rs 46 per kg. Mill flour which was previously priced at Rs 42 per kg is now not less than Rs 43 to Rs 44 per kg. 

Complaining the decrease in weight and size of the bread, Arshad Mehmood, a citizen, said, “even if the prices of bread had not been raised for some time back, the size of the bread was reduced long ago.” The prices of wheat flour, milk powder and edible oils have already gone up in recent past, which have a domino effect on the prices of rotis, breads and other confectionery items.. 

The price of popular ‘parathas’ has also gone up, hikes are not limited to these two only.. Even curries and side dishes that are consumed with breads too have become costlier by 40 to 50 percent. The tandoorwala retorted that an increase in roti prices is necessary to stay in business. While the restaurant owners blame the rising cost of ingredients and sky-rocketing rents, utility, the low income people on the contrary, say their budget has been hurt badly. 

The owner of Tandoor and restaurants said: “We were forced to increase the price of rotis, ‘parathas’ and side dishes because the prices of ingredients have gone up again and again. The cost of ingredients has gone up drastically now. We could not have run the business without increasing the prices.” They may be right to this extent but they are fleecing people by both reducing the weight and raising the prices. 

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Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
Muhammad Ramzan Rafique

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