Commodity prices register increase

Though prices of some vegetables decreased last week, as compared to the preceding week, prices of pulses, milk, ghee/cocking oil, spices and rice registered a significant increase, reveals a survey carried out byBusiness Recorder here on Saturday. 

A visit to Utility Stores in the federal capital revealed that except masoor, other pulses were not available in the store and most of other items including spices available at the stores were branded. People visiting the government-run stores, expressed their serious concerns over the unavailability of most of essential kitchen items. 

Traders and wholesalers in different markets of the twin cities of Rawalpindi/Islamabad revealed that due to good supply the demand-supply gap narrowed down, which resulted in easing of vegetables prices. They further maintained that pulses prices registered a significant increase during the last week. Price of entire range of pulses including mash, washed moong, masoor and beans have gone up by Rs 5-8 per kg. Similarly, rice prices increased by Rs 3 to 5 per kg each basmati and super basmati rice in the week past as compared to the preceding week. Olper milk price increased from Rs 90 per liter to Rs 95, while open cooking oil/ghee also registered an increase of Rs 5 per liter as it was being sold at Rs 165 against Rs 155-160 in the corresponding week. 

The survey noted significant changes in food items prices in different markets of Rawalpindi/Islamabad as in posh areas prices of each and every item was more than in common localities. The survey noted a significant decline in vegetables prices in the last week as compared to the previous week. Tomatoes, which were being sold at Rs 45-50 per kg last week, were available at Rs 35-40, onion at Rs 40 against Rs 50 per kg, potatoes at Rs 30 per kg against Rs 35, shimla mirch at Rs 80, lady finger at Rs 100-120 per kg, arvi at Rs 40 per kg against Rs 50, cucumber at Rs 60 per kg chicken at Rs 150-160 per kg against Rs 175-180 per kg, eggs were being sold at Rs 105 per dozen, sugar at Rs 54-58 per kg, wheat flour bag (10kg) at Rs 405 and milk fresh at Rs 90 during the week past as compared to the preceding week. 

The survey noted a mix trend in fruit prices, as prices of some fruits increased, while other registered a slight decline during the week past as compared to the preceding week. Apple was available at 120-180 against Rs 130-200 depending on quality, banana prices registered an increase, as it was being sold at Rs 60-120 per dozen against Rs 50-100, guava at Rs 60-80 per kg last week and orange at Rs 60-100 per dozen. During the week under review, mutton was being sold at Rs 600-620 per kg, while beef was being sold at Rs 280-300 per kg last week as compared to the preceding week with no significant change. 

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