Better rice production: Reap urges establishment of R&D institutions

Vice Chairman, Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (Reap), Chaudhry Samiullah has urged the government to launch nationwide programmes including the establishment of research and development institutions for producing new extra long grain, aromatic and commercially viable seeds with higher production yields. 

Talking to Business Recorder here on Saturday, he said, “Public Private Partnership must be promoted and private stakeholders be taken on board of directors of the government-based R&D institutions,” adding that the involvement of private sector would ensure finance availability and result- oriented R&D and also promote interaction with foreign R&D institutions. 

He suggested that funds of 200 million rupees be allocated from Export Development Fund (EDF) to construct state of the art Rice Technical Training institute to produce skilled labour force that must be literate about hygienic and sanitary requirements for exports to developed nations. The measure would ensure at least 20 percent value addition and earn more foreign exchange. 

“To gain maximum foreign exchange and extract maximum price for our produce, we must focus on regional trade, which ensures better pricing due to less freight costs and swift transfer of funds as compared to other far-flung countries,” he further said. A better currency transfer channel & currency exchange programme should be established to ensure smooth transactions within regional blocks including Iran, increasing almost 5% more foreign exchange due to reduced freight pay offs, he said 

“To manage the electricity and gas crisis, the exporters should be provided these fundamental requirements on priority basis. In case if not possible then exporters should be promoted to generate their own electricity through captive power plants and supply of gas should be assured without any load management,” he added. 

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Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
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