Australian sector, UAF agree to promote disease-free citrus plants

Australian Sector Linkages Programme, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council and other agricultural institutions have agreed to promote the disease-free Citrus plants developed under container based system as per pattern of the modern world. Although Pakistan is the 13th world biggest producer of citrus but high demand of seedless citrus across the globe is hampering to get full advantage from it, stated Agri Scientists. 

In a meeting, which was presided over by Professor Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan, Vice Chancellor, University of Agriculture, PARC Chairman Dr Iftikhar Ahmad, Australian Ext Development Officer Steven Falivene and ASLP Project Director Tahir Khurshid stressed the need to produce the plants which will give fruit in the minimised time on the fast track. 

Professor Dr Iqrar Ahmad Khan said that citrus greening disease is playing havoc with the production of the said fruit. He said that it was the need of the hour to avert the impact of citrus greening otherwise the country will be left with no citrus plant after some decades. Dr Iftikhar Ahmad called for increasing the steps by giving awareness to the farmers about the promotion of seedless citrus production. He suggested reworking citrus plants to make it more compatible to the demand of the international market. 

Steven Falivene said that the demonstration is the best tool to convince the farming community to move their plants towards the seedless plants. He formed a committee to enhance the efforts for giving information to the farming community with the help of extension workers at the farmers’ community schools. 

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