Agri learning can boost country’s economy

The mounting domain of Pakistan is cited as a country based on agricultural economy with a massive diversity of appropriate climatic conditions, a well fertile land and a world renowned system of irrigation.

During 2005-10, agriculture had an average share of 24pc in country’s Gross Domestic Production (GDP).

In employment sector, it contributes about 45pc industry-wise employment. According to an estimate, 63pc of residents living in rural areas directly or indirectly earn from agriculture. Despite of this factual importance of agriculture in country’s sphere, its significance is facing a refutation. The enrolment trends, research and development in agricultural sector is showing a decline.

A research elaborates that only 1.2pc of the students go for higher agricultural studies among the total number of students seeking higher education in Pakistan. The reasons behind this extremely low rate in Pakistan are:

* Person’s on input and choice agency

* The low prestige value and social image of the profession

* Parental persuasion

* Less opportunity structure and incentives

* Lack of professional staff

* Gender label with profession

* Limited exposure

* Deficient curriculum

* Inefficient technicalities

* Peer influence

* Dearth counseling

* Deprived Governmental assistance

* Challenging scientific and humanities discipline

* Resource limitation

Owing to the given disparities in higher educational sector of agriculture, one can draw the current picture of agricultural education in Pakistan; which is required to be improved certainly.

Reforms should be amended in both public and private sector to improve the condition of agricultural education.

* There must be a proper systematic organisation by HEC (higher education commission) regarding agri-based education.

* Students at secondary, intermediate, pre and post graduate levels must be counseled in such a way that they come across the importance of agriculture.

* The over generalised views about the agricultural education and profession must be bringing to an end.

* The over emphasis by the parents and teachers to not opt such subjects has to be discouraged.

* The status symbol becoming hindrance in the path of higher agricultural studies must be reformed

* Proper resources allocation in the universities imparting agricultural studies is required

* The involvement of agriculturists in policy making is also admirable

After doing such reforms, the man power in agricultural sector would be skilled and  well efficient that will lead to betterment in agriculture which in turn will draw the graph of country’s development in  an ascending trend and contribute well in country’s economy.

The writer is student of ISCS,  Punjab University, Lahore

Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
Muhammad Ramzan Rafique

I am from a small town Chichawatni, Sahiwal, Punjab , Pakistan, studied from University of Agriculture Faisalabad, on my mission to explore world I am in Denmark these days..

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