Wind Turbines – The Alternative Green Energy

windrader-474563_1280-1728x800_cWind turbines help to convert wind energy into electricity. The turbine is composed of three propeller blades which are also called rotor blades. These blades are attached to tall towers or poles where the blades can access stronger winds that travel at faster speeds. The winds force the rotors to spin which gives power in the form of kinetic energy to a generator that makes the electricity.

How wind is converted into electricity

The rotating power of wind is converted to electricity by magnets which move past a coil of wire. As the magnet moves forward and backwards, an alternating current is produced which can also be used to charge batteries that can help  store the electrical energy or can be fed into  an inverter before being fed into an electric grid.

What are the benefits of wind power?

Wind turbines offer the best green energy alternative that can be relied on in the long term. It is a cheap and pollution-free source of electricity that can be sustained for the longest time possible. Wind as a source of energy does not cause environmental pollution because you can create power without the need to result to burning fossil fuels. Also, it does not produce toxic, greenhouse gases or radioactive wastes. It is also a known fact that wind energy helps to reduce the occurrence of global warming because it is generally clean, and does not emit dangerous gases to the environment.

Installation of wind turbines

There is no restriction with regards to where wind turbines can be installed. Be it on boats, caravans or on land, it is imperative to know that you can have it installed anywhere. However, it is advisable to ensure that a good amount of wind is generated in the area. Before you start spending money on any wind power project, finding out the speed of wind in an area is quite essential. This can be done without spending a lot of money through the means of a power predictor. This important tool has the capability to record measurements of solar and wind energy in a given location. It also provides you with a data logger, and full accessibility to comparisons of solar panels and wind turbines that are available in the market at that particular moment.

The average wind speed required

To be able to generate electricity, you need to have a wind speed that averages 18 kilometers per hour. More speed is better because it makes investing in the generation of energy from the wind a worthwhile consideration. Better results can be achieved when you have the turbine installed in an area which does not have buildings that can block the flow of wind. In some instances, the installation companies can install wind and solar systems at the same time. While a wind turbine is a slow and expensive project, it is worth the investment, especially when deployed in areas where the flow of wind is constant.



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