Should one save the kernels / seeds of seasonal fruit for planting?

7385274Question. Should one save the kernels / seeds of seasonal fruit for planting? If so, when should they be sown? If this is possible, I would like to encourage my friends to do the same so that we can plant a portion of a public park so that everyone can enjoy the results. Living in Karachi one does not have access to fruit trees. Chopping down trees and replacing them with concrete structures is so wrong: We have to do something before we lose the right to live.

Answer. A very laudable idea indeed and I take my hat off to you for thinking of not only other people but of the earth itself. I am delighted to tell you that yes, you can do this. As for planting times, when a fruit is in season then, towards the end of this season is the natural time to sow the seeds of whatever fruit it happens to be but please ensure that the fruit did not have its natural season prolonged by a period in cold storage. Also, before planting young trees in a public park, it is best if you get permission otherwise the ‘authorities’ may come along and rip them all out. I wish the very best of luck with this wonderful project and hope, most sincerely, that many of your friends follow suit.



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