Green-Innovation-920x350 (Copy)CLIMATE CHANGE is becoming a serious concern and we need to think ‘green’ for preserving the core nature of the planet earth. Scientists have seen destruction of the stars and for our planet to die down is not something new but here case is of managing the pollution, green house gases and technology development management so that we can overcome the tones of polluted output from our industries. It can be done if we think green.
The subsequent steps are the production and development of technologies; even the daily life necessities like using technology, the individuals focus on monetary benefit and embrace destruction of atmosphere at the cost of getting the luxuries of life. We need to be careful in this also and try to adopt green processes rather than not devising such green processes. Some may say that none business or financial resource bearer would like to invest in such a study regarding green processing but those who do care would do it without profit. Focus needs to be the green processing plants which either emit little or zero pollution in the atmosphere.
It sounds odd but it is the need which necessitates the inventions and the need of time is to consider the issue of climate change which is causing floods and huge damage to our properties and food crops. This can be resolved via focusing on ways which can really be green rather than green only in the sense that they harm nature but to smaller extant. Sure, anti-climate change experts believe its all nature and it will manage that but we see that nature manages by destroying the stars which are not managed properly. We believe in ageing as cause of many disabilities but don’t believe that our planet will become aged if we won’t care, sooner than it has to be aged as in many humans it happens.
I tend to say that try to be green by supporting the natural processes having little of our engineering but most of the natural ways of production and transportation. This is yet another way of reducing and declaring the real green technology. Natural technology like boats and ships may not be called natural by some but indeed it is as it has very little of human’s interference but more we tried to make our lives full of comfort more we made the planet earth vulnerable to natural disasters: maybe it is the anger of the nature for interfering in its processes e.g. food, water supply and others. We have machines now and men are dying to get the jobs. So, we need to utilize our energy and luxury should be for disabled ones.
We believe we do right but that right is right in a context and yet we have those who keep ringing the bell for a danger coming ahead for any diffusion and adoption of gadget. We can’t stop it but sense says that we better avoid it for the sake of greener tomorrow.
It all starts from the childhood. We give them an input which makes them consumers and thus comfort lovers but not producers of organic and green products. Teaching is needed and role models are needed who should be demonstrating the very little usage of technology and frugal lifestyle which give joy with satisfaction but exoticism may produce disturbance for others.
Teaching frugality is required rather than teaching to get higher education to earn better jobs with loads of money in pockets which of course is going to improve one aspect of life but many would be deteriorated like ethics, care for others and sure, we usually use technology in non-sense ways when we have loads at our disposal. We need to teach green to our new generations to preserve environment and mull for planetary justice.

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