farm mechanization(1)Mechanised agriculture is the process of using agricultural machinery to automate the work of agriculture, greatly increasing farm worker productivity. The emphasize on ‘Mechanised Farming’ was laid during a workshop conducted at Agriculture Mechanization Research Institute.
The agricultural experts, researchers, industry professionals from public and private sector organizations participated in the workshop. Rana Ijaz Ahmad Noon, Parliamentary Secretary on Agriculture was also present on the occasion.
Rana Ijaz stressed on the need of adapting modern technologies to boost productivity in farming. He said, “Farm mechanization can offer a great opportunity to increase the agricultural production and improving the efficiency in the overall process of farming”.
Senior government official said while speaking on the occasion, “The need of producing skilled human capital in agricultural sector is really important. The manufacturers are also required to design such agri machines that not only should assure productivity but also the occupational safety of the professionals working in agri sector”.  According to the statistics, there were 500,000 tractors in the Punjab in addition to 338 bulldozers deployed on 20,000 acres. The participants also urged government to lift ban on import of tractors in order to improve mechanization process and enable most of the farmers and agri experts with the latest technology to yield production.

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