Communication gap and training needs In Pakistan’s Agriculture Sector

farm-field-corn-agriculture-cool-calculator-institute-unilever-fishhawkAgriculture is one of the predominant sectors of Pakistan’s economy. It not only provides us food for our growing population but is also a source of raw materials for our principal industries as well as a source of foreign exchange for our government. But now a days, communication gap between farmers & Agriculture officers is a major & emerging issue in our Agriculture sector.

Main issue in this sector is, our agriculture graduates complete their graduation and they still don’t know about the major terms & methods that is very obligatory for Pakistan’s agriculture sector because they read these terms in English not in local or our national language. So, due to the communication gap, our graduates can’t convey their revolutionary knowledge in actual way to the farmers. That’s why, whenever they go to the filed & want to instruct about modern scientific techniques like intensive Tillage, Monoculture etc. then farmers don’t bother their instructions and they only want to prefer on their traditional ways. The farmers of our country are mostly un-educated and lack technical knowledge .

They are unable to understand the modern scientific methods of agriculture and often remain ignorant of good means to protect and increase their yield. Their production is therefore low. Ancient communication methods like FM Radio still is in running but there is no benefits because now people use modern communication technologies. Now a days, smart phone is common in our lives. We should have to make such application about modern scientific techniques which can be very helpful in Pakistan’s agriculture sector.

There must be one subject for Agriculture graduation in our local or national language. Before going to the field, training of new graduates is also very necessary then they will know that how they have to convey their modern scientific knowledge to the farmers. Finally we must have to improve communication methods and recommended to provide proper and required training facilities to the Agriculture officers from time to time they could manage with the any emerging challenges that may arise in future.

Author: Saqib Mushtaq


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