Climate change -An alarming threat

Climate change is defined as “The change in normal climate over a period of time. This may be favorable for one place and may be any kind of disaster for another place”.

Climate change is directly related to global warming. Our planet temperature is increasing day by day due to the emission of the greenhouse gasses. Temperature of our planet has already increased to 1.7°F since 1880. It is not seems a big change but daily heat which is emitted by the humans is equal to 4000 Hiroshima atomic bombs. Our future is in a serious threat if we will go with the same situation. In future, climate change results in more intense disasters like more intense floods and hurricanes, long drought periods which directly affects agriculture which is related to world’s food supply. This will also cause the migration of refuges across the border and the world will be destabilized.  Melting of glaciers, increase in flood, extinction of plant and animals, loss of land several feet’s under water these all things are the results of so called climate change. According to scientists if the melting of arctic sheets is going on the same way then it will bring an increase in ocean level at one foot per decade. Warmer oceans make intense tycoons then the cooler one. Some counties like Canada and Russia may have benefits due to increasing temperature of planet because major area of these two countries comprise of snow and glaciers.   This will led them to the availability of more land for agriculture and more time period for work throughout the year. Many people die in summer due to heat stress every year. This is also due to increase in temperature of the earth similar in the case of animals. In 2003, due to 2.3°C increase in temperature above the average, 52000 peoples died across the Europe. From agriculture point of view at high temperature, plant growth slows down and eventually stops because plant is unable to absorb CO2 and also repel incoming CO2 back to the atmosphere results in global warming


What we can do?

  • By using crop growth models we can forecast climate and adjust our crops according to the upcoming change in climate this will save our crops from unfavorable climate changes.
  • By controlling the emission of greenhouse gasses.
  • By making National and International laws and policies.
  • By lowering down the consumption of fossil fuels.
  • By Awareness in the public.
  • By making ecofriendly technology.
  • By using heat tolerant crop varieties.
  • By adapting organic sources.


As now, we are familiar with extreme effects of climate change on our daily life and our food supply chain which is directly affected by the global warming which is another name of climate change. In order to overcome this problem we have to take serious steps. Some of them are mention above. Only in this way we can somehow control this monster that is engulfing our planet day by day.



Bilal Javed is student of University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan.


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