5 Effective Ways To Save Fuel!

There have always been talks about the need for conservation of natural resources. And the resource which tops this list of natural resources whose conservation is the need of the hour is nothing but fuels. Fuels, as most people know are the natural resources which take years and years to get created underneath the surface of the earth. Various research and surveys suggest that if the rapid rate of fuel consumption is not ceased and some serious conservation measures are not being taken, then these natural resources might not last more than 30 years. This indeed is a big alarm not just for the environmentalist but every individual because charity begins at home and everyone should think globally but act locally. So how can one conserve fuels? Here are the most efficient and easiest ways to conserve fuels. Read on to know more.

It’s an Economy Drive


Most people, especially the young brigade of today believe in living a fast paced life. They try to have their practical example of this thought school on the roads. But they should know that by doing so, they are creating problems not just for them but also for their future generations. Speed definitely thrills but it kills; in case it is not killing you, then it is certainly killing the fuels for sure! So the best way to avoid all of this and conserve fuel is by driving an economy drive. By economy, one refers to a drive of speed around 55km/ph. One should note the point that if someone drives at 65 then he is consuming 15% more fuel than the one who drives at 55 km/ph. or an economy drive!

The Saggy Tires won’t help the cause!


The very next point is which determines the rate of consumption of fuel is the way your vehicle’s tires are inflated. Tires which are not fully inflated are more prone to drags which require the engine to put a little more stress when there is a sudden break or a turn. However, a healthy inflated tire, on the other hand, is a much more convenient and efficient tire as it is always known for giving a smooth and efficient drive. The moment the tires are not inflated properly and the engine is stressed a little more than the usual, it is bound to ask for more fuel and thus more fuel needs to be filled in. what does this result in? Sheer wastage! So be sensible enough and have a good tire check time and again as this would not only give you a good ride but also help you to save a bit on fuel and of course help the cause of fuel conservation.

AC or no AC?

car ac

There have always been debate and discussions on whether the air conditioners should be used in the cars or not. People have their speculations about the fact that having an air conditioner can always eat up some part of their fuel and energy. Some people believe this is a misconception. But the reality is that if you are driving a car with your air conditioner in the on mode, your fuel consumption increase not just by a small margin but a whopping 20%! So you should always think before you start on the ACs. Yes, surely these ACs could give you more comfort but you should cut down a bit on your comfort for the sake of the nature and the resources. After all, Earth provides enough to satisfy everyman’s need, but not every man’s greed.

What’s wrong with the Public Transport?

public transport

In the modern standardized living, luxury and comfort has taken the front seat and the need for conservation and respect for the nature for that matter, has taken a back seat. Everyone wants his comfort but none seems to care a hoot for Mother Nature. This is the reason why the public transports are not flourishing in the modern world. Everyone wants to own a vehicle, not because they need it, but only because it has become a social status point for everyone. The governments, be it national or state, have been toiling hard in order to promote the public transport but with no results. The more the people buy private vehicles, the more they are going to drive and the more fuel would be wasted! So the solution is simple and evident enough. One should start using the public transport and minimize their private vehicle usage to the greatest extent possible. Sure one can own them, but one should use them rarely and for the normal occasion, they should know that there is nothing wrong with the public transport!

Car pools and Bicycles!


This one is the old school methodology of conserving fuel and doing the bit towards the cause of nature. More importantly though, it is linked with the previous point. Nowadays, it has become a common sight to see young people going to their school not with the bicycles but with their own mopeds and bikes. The question is why? Why so early? Is it important to give kids a geared vehicle at such young age? The answer is certainly not. Bicycles might sound like an old idea but it still remains the same old efficient way! Moreover, there could always be carpools created which can help the cause of nature. Only one vehicle carrying many people is always better than each one having one. This would mean lesser traffic and of course conservation of fuel!

These are just some of the most common and simplest of methods possible. In addition to these, there are always small actions which can determine big changes. One should stop the vehicle engine at the signals. Rash driving and racing gives no fun but only wastage of natural resources. Moreover, it is the self-realization that matters. One should realize what is right and what is wrong at any stage of time. They should know what the demand of the time and situation is. And looking at the current fuel crisis, fuel conservation is certainly the need of the hour!



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