Men and women are abreast in Islam so why women is the target of harassment or notoriety?

Men and women are abreast in Islam so why women is the target of harassment or notoriety?

Women is the very much important part of the society…women’s are playing a crucial role in society…Without women this society is totally incomplete…Without women men can not survive…Allah made women a strong personality…women has strong caliber of patience than men. Women faces all the hurdles of life with patience. The matter of patience in women is more than men. Women has very much important place in Islam. Islam made women respectful. When I cast an eye on society then I thought? After a sustained deliberations I thought society use the Islam just for their purpose. I am feeling sorry by saying this some people use Islam for their benefits. No one follows the real rules of Islam. It just saying that society base on Islam but it is not the fact. In reality men and women are equal so why people create difference between men and women. Why women is the target of harassment. Women is disparage in society. Society gives slander to the women. If  one women want to fight for her right then the voice of women suppresses. If she tries to raise her voice for her right then women rights being trample. Society harass the women. There is no value of women liking and disliking. Women has no right of her own decision. Women being degraded. The reason of women notoriety not she own self rather the society is the reason of her notoriety. Her own house member making her the target of notoriety. If women make mistake then she is guilty and her own relatives bolster up her mistake. In the same way if man does mistake than no problem he is a boy it is ok. If the same thing did with women then she will be safe. Some time life force me to think that why society covers the mistake of men and uncovers the mistake of women? Why women takes punish of her mistake till her last breath and not men? It is quite thinkable. If a girl does marry her own choice than she is irrespective and relatives create lots of hurdles in her way. In the same way if man does than no problem  every thing is all right. It is the real incidence which I saw in my life. One girl put her own choice before her parents and at that time her parents behavior was aggressive and the parents said how dare you. What society will said? If you did so than the door is open and you have to go right now. After few days the same thing did her brother but reaction of parents was opposite. They accepted the son choice. I was very astound. Never think about society because you are not answerable in front of society. You have to give answer in front of Allah instead in front of society. Allah will ask from you that you did equal behavior. First priority should be your daughter pleasure instead of society. Actually women in her life stand on the road and any vehicle on the road can be scrunch the women at any time and women has to just think that how she has to avoid from all these trample things. Here the meaning of vehicle is the society and the calumnious words of society. This is our society. like wise There is no life of a prostitute girl in society. A prostitute girl is badly target by people. People thought that she has no respect in society but what about men who goes in to brothel. Its mean there should be no respect of men whom goes into brothel. The real brigand of girl respect is men so why men is safe in society. He equally has the right of punishment. Women’s being assassinated on the name of respect. There is no right of women in property. There is no life of women because of society. Women is totally insecure. Is that our Islamic society in which women is insecure.


I am feeling chagrin by saying that this is the society in which man and people are not real followers of Islam. Here no one is not chaste. Chastity is not the part of every person. Every one made mistake and the fact is women fells into chasm and the man is safe. Actually people are churlish. People realize daughters in her childhood that they are girls not the boys which is totally wrong. There is a big need of awareness that Islam forces equal rights of both men and  women. There is need to assay the reality. People are very much crazy for boys. People do not know the real importance of the women. There is need to change the thought of people. If thought will change then positive upheaval will come in society. Women has to make herself an audacious for surviving in the society. People just chase the mistakes of women instead of men.


Aisha Rani

BSc (hons) Agriculture Extension

University of agriculture Faisal Abad


Rani (2016) Men and women are abreast in Islam so why women is the target of harassment or notoriety?




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