Agriculture Research System in KPK

(Written by: Allah Dad Khan and Junaid Hafeez)

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, systematic agricultural research was started in 1908 at Tarnab, Peshawar by the then Govt. which was further strengthened and expanded to the entire Province over the years by formation and establishment of new research stations and institutes.

Now a network of 13 Agriculture Research Institutes/stations with several substations is functioning in the province under the supervision of Director General Research (BPS-20). The Outreach Directorate is headed by Director Outreach, which promote and transfer improved technology to the end users.

Research institutes/station can be split into two categories: one with the mandate of research on multiple disciplines, Agriculture research Institutes Tarnab, Dera Ismail Khan Research Mingora and Agriculture Research Station Baffa, Mansehra falls under this category. The other category is of commodity institutes/stations like Cereal Crops Research Institute, Pirsabak, Sugar Crops Research Institute, Mardan.

In 1980’s, Government of KPK according to an agreement signed with US-AID, under Project Transformation and Integration of Provincial Agricultural Network (TIPAN), handed over the Agricultural Research Wing of Agriculture Department to KPK Agricultural University, Peshawar, which was later called KPK Agricultural Research System. This arrangement was made with the aim to enhance quality of agriculture education and research according to the need of farming community.  This System is working under KPK Agricultural University, Peshawar administration and financed by the Government of KPK.

The mandate of Agricultural Research System (ARS) can be defined as:

  1. Development of new high yielding, resistant and good quality varieties/hybrids of crops, vegetables, fruits and others for different agro-ecological zones of KPK.
  2. Development of economical, user friendly and sustainable production technology packages for newly developed varieties/Hybrids, for each and every agro-ecological zones of KPK with its refinement every year.
  3. Production of high quality Pre-Basic seed/clones of new and prevailing varieties/hybrids of crops, vegetables and fruits, for its distribution to concerned agencies and progressive farmers for further multiplication for the common farmers.
  4. Dissemination and promotion of agricultural and related technology to end-users and provide different agricultural related services to farmers, rural women and agricultural related traders.
  5. Assist and cooperate with various national and international agencies, NGOs and various Projects especially in agriculture sector development.

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Mr. Allah Dad Khan is former DG Extension, KPK


Mr. Junaid Hafeez is Director, Agrihunt:



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Agriculture Research System in KPK


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