The intersection of agriculture and technology will one day feed the world

farmingIt’s a common criticism of technology — despite the incredible advances we’ve made in the digital age, the so-called problems that some start-ups and tech companies are “solving” aren’t really all that significant. While the industry itself is experiencing extraordinary innovation, it often feels as though the organizations within it are reinventing a not-so-important wheel.

But presenters at a conference last week, co-hosted by the National Science Foundation and the National Consortium for Data Science, outlined a few incredible initiatives in which tech can really make a difference, namely within the realm of agriculture. As the New York Times first reported, there’s a wealth of untapped potential in the tech space that has the “potential to transform agriculture and help feed the world’s growing population.”

One of the key presenters at the recent conference was Lance Donny, the founder of the agriculture-centric startup OnFarm. Described as “an intuitive system for growers,” the company combines expert “agricultural experiences, advances in fixed asset technology, and extensive research into emerging agricultural trends” to provide farmers with “a single grower-friendly management and decision platform.”

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