Prices of all kitchen items register increase

Prices of almost all kinds of essential daily use items, including vegetables, fruits and other groceries, registered a manifold increase in open market during the preceding week, according to a survey conducted by Business Recorder here on Sunday.

Tomato is being sold at Rs50 per kilogram, which was available at Rs30 a week ago, while the rate of ginger has also increased by Rs 40 to Rs 200 per kilogram from Rs 160 per kg, and garlic available is at Rs 250 per kilogram, against Rs 120 per kg. High quality onion is available at Rs 50/kg, which was selling at Rs 36/kg during last week. Green chilly is being sold at Rs 100 per kilogram against Rs80 per kg.

Similarly, the five-kilogram bag of red potato is being sold at Rs 250 against Rs 200 in the retail market. The price of cauliflower increased to Rs 60 per kilogram against Rs 40 per kg, ladyfinger to Rs 60 per kg from Rs 40 per kg.

Shimla mirch at Rs 160 per kg, cabbage Rs 50 per kg, peas at Rs 270 per kg, Arvi from Rs 50 to Rs 60 per kg, cauliflower at Rs 50 per kg, Brinjal at Rs 30 per kg, bitter gourd at Rs 40 per kg, and Turnip at Rs 40 per kg. Cucumber is available at Rs 50 per kg, and lemon is sold at Rs 140 per kg.

The high trend is also witnessed at pulses’ side, as prices registered increase from 20 to 30 percent in these commodities, while retailers and vendors are not selling pulses/grains as per official prices in open market. The Daal Maach is available at Rs 120 per kg, Daal Masoor at Rs 110 per kg, Daal Channa at Rs 70 per kg, Moonge at Rs 120 per kg, Malaka masoor at Rs 130 per kg and Moonge tota at Rs 120 per kg. High quality rice is being sold at Rs 130 while low quality at Rs 90 per kg, while broken rice is available at Rs 70 per kg. Sugar is being sold at Rs 55 per kg, Beisan at Rs 90 per/kg against the official price of Rs 70 per kg.

Live chicken is being sold at Rs 120 per kg against the official price of Rs 110, while chicken meat of good quality is available at Rs 320 and low quality at Rs 270-280 in the open market, and eggs are available at Rs 84 per dozen. Similarly, a sharp increase is witnessed in all fruits items in the wholesale and retail markets. Banana is being sold at Rs 70 per dozen, and apple at Rs 100-150 per/kg. Grape is available at Rs 160-180 per kg.



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