Minister rejects criticism against agriculture package

Provincial Minister for Agriculture Dr Farrukh Javed has said that politics on agricultural package is a shameful act. Criticism against the package for political gimmick will cause a serious loss to farmers and growers.

He expressed these views in a meeting with representatives of farmers’ organisations from various districts. He said the government is working day and night for development of agriculture sector and ongoing welfare projects of farmers and growers. Prosperity of farmers is essential for better economy. Criticism against agricultural package from some political parties will increase financial problems of farmers. Farrukh Javed said that only solution to farmer’s problems is in rapid implementation of the package. Hurdles in projects of agricultural reforms will cause direct loss to masses.

On direction of the Chief Minister, Punjab government has formulated a comprehensive plan on implementation of package, he said. District officers with collaboration of farmers, growers and traders will collect data soon.

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