China: 20% price drop new pomelo crop

“Guangan City in Sichuan Province is known for its pomelo production. Pomelos from here are sweet flavoured and juicy”, says Hongxing Zou, a local fruit trader. “I grew up in Guangan. Now I am trying my best to help small, local orchards sell their products on the national market. It is the start of the pomelo season, which is the best moment for local growers to sell their new crop at good prices”.

Compared to last year’s season, this year’s pomelo harvest is experiencing pressure. Within a year, prices have decreased with 20%. Mr. Zou explains: “Pomelos have had a number of good years and the crop has been sold at high prices. As a result, more orchards started to plant pomelo. This has resulted in increased volume on the market.”

“It is at the start of the season, and prices are still increasing. Currently, average market prices for pomelo hover around 3 Yuan per kg. Prices for Guangxi pomelos and Pingtian pomelos, two premium varieties, are higher.”

“Now, at the start of the pomelo season, there is not enough supply to meet market demand. Prices will continue to increase until the end of November. From December until January prices will remain stable. The season ends by the beginning of February, when prices will start to drop”.

Mr Zou is positive about the future outlook of the Chinese pomelo market. Pomelos are increasingly used in beauty and health products due to their medical properties. Zou: “The market for cosmetics containing pomelo extract or peel is growing. In addition, a lot of media attention is being given to pomelo’s vitamine C anti-ageing properties”.

He is also positive about the role of small-scale local producers: “Different from big companies and cooperatives, local orchards are willing to sell their products at an acceptable price to buyers, retailers or wholesalers

Mr Zou also trades in lemons from Anye County. The lemon season is about to start. Current wholesale prices for Anye lemons now reaches 7 Yuan per kg. Retail prices hover around 13 Yuan per kg.  80% of lemons produced in China come from Anye County.



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