Bakeries, food outlets sealed

The team of City District Government Rawalpindi (CDGR) on Saturday imposed a fine of Rs30,000 on bakeries, sealed two outlets and lodged cases against three shop owners in Chakala Scheme-III and adjoining areas.

Assistant Commissioner Cantonment Khalid Goraya and his team raided Chaklala Scheme-III Commercial Market and found the kitchen of Rahat Bakers in poor condition.

“The team visited Rahat Bakers and found that the food was stored in unhygienic condition. Rotten raw material was being used to prepare food. The team immediately sealed the shop in Chaklala Scheme-III,” said Assistant Commissioner Cantonment Khalid Goraya.

He said during a visit to Ch. Bostan Khan Road, the team found expired butter being sold at Valley Bakers. “We imposed Rs20,000 fine and warned the owner who claimed that the shop had been closed for many days,” he added.

Mr Goraya said the team also found pets being vaccinated at a clinic located in the middle of a Tandoor and meat shop on Ch. Bostan Khan Road.

“We gave eight days to the pet clinic to shift to another place as during vaccination of pets, including dogs and cats, no safety measures were adopted,” he said.

He said the team also sealed the meat shop for selling substandard and unhygienic meat to people. A Naan shop was also closed as Rotis were being prepared in unhygienic conditions.

He said a Tikka shop near the high court was sealed and a fine of Rs10,000 was imposed on it for preparing food items with rotten raw material.

Published in Dawn, August 9th, 2015


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