Asia’s biggest cattle market formally inaugurated

Special arrangements have been made in co-ordination with the cattle market administration to facilitate masses in buying and selling sacrificial animals at the biggest cattle market in Asia here. This was stated by Commissioner Karachi Shoaib Ahmed Siddiqui while inaugurating the cattle market on Super Highway near Sohrab Goth.

He added that it is their prime responsibility to keep the Asia’s biggest cattle market established at Sohrab Goth, Super Highway, safe and secure for both the customers and sellers. “We have requested the police and rangers for additional patrolling in surroundings,” he added. He said arrangements for the lifting of litter and animal waste from the Mandi have been made and heavy machineries and tractors with the staff are working in the area round-the-clock to ensure proper sanitation and cleanliness condition at the cattle market. Ambulance and fire tender will also be placed at the cattle market to cope up with any emergency situation.

He praised the Malir Cantonment Board and the administration for making excellent arrangements at the cattle market to facilitate the merchants, customers and visitors, and offered his full support for the smooth functioning of the cattle market. “Veterinary doctors along with paramedical staff will be available round-the-clock in shifts for free vaccination. It has therefore been advised to all the sellers to get their animals vaccinated. This will also help us maintain safe and healthy environment at the Mandi for visitors,” he added.

Malir Cantonment Board President Syed Farhat Abbas said that the Mandi has been set up on 950 acres. This year, cow Mandi and goats and camels Mandi have been merged allocating 200 acres for goat Mandi. Cow Mandi has total 29 blocks, of which 5 blocks have been allocated as VIP blocks whereas goat Mandi has one general and one VIP block. He said that only charges the cattle merchants have to pay are: Rs 1,000 for cow/camel and Rs 600 for goat. ‘Against this nominal fee they are being provided with a lot of free facilities, including space with security arrangements, free 16 liter drinking water per animal (8 liter in morning and 8 liter afternoon), for all the cattle, free vaccination of the cattle against Congo virus, lighting, etc.

“No additional fee is being charged for the space provided to the sellers. The cattle merchants will be given space as per the availability on first come first served basis,” he added. To facilitate people, the President added, Habib Metro Bank has opened its branches at the Mandi. “A complaint center to instantly resolve all issues will be there to help people,” he added.

Administrator Rana Imran, speaking on the occasion said they know that millions of people will be coming to the Mandi to buy animals and we have to facilitate them which is why a number of facilities have been given so that people can easily shop around without any hassle.

“Public toilets have been set up at 40 different locations across the Mandi; this time especially made fiber bathrooms have been installed in addition to the cemented bathrooms for men and women at different places scattered around the Mandi. This is the first time that female janitors are appointed to keep the ladies bathroom clean, giving more comfort to the female visitors,” he added. Another first in the Mandi is the amusement park which has been built for children so that they could spend some memorable time while enjoying other facilities.

“Masajids have also been set up throughout the market. We are also doing our best to beautify the Mandi. For example, a green belt is being prepared at the entry and main points,” he added. “For water storage, in addition to cemented tanks, fiber tanks have also been placed in the Mandi for the proper storage and supply of water. Fiber tanks are easy to move so that all areas of Mandi will have sufficient storage facility for water,” the administrator said.

Besides this, he added, the administration is providing free parking to all non-commercial vehicles to facilitate customers and visitors, while extensive security arrangements have been made with a security firm handling the internal security of the Mandi and special teams of police and rangers are patrolling the nearby areas.



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