Agri mechanization project initiated

The Punjab government has initiated promotion of agriculture mechanization project costing Rs 1184 million across the province. Sources in local Agriculture department told Business Recorder on Tuesday that the basic concept of this plan was to track agriculture sector on modern lines for enhancing productivity and profitability for mechanization of various farm operations.

Under the programme, set of agriculture machines and implements like Disc Harrow, Rota vator, Seed Drill, Chisel Plough, sugarcane ridger will be provided to farmers on 50 percent subsidy for one set of implements to a farmer. The programme will be carried out through balloting in rural union councils and in this regard committees had been constituted to supervise the allotment of machines and implements in each district of the Punjab.

In Gujranwala division, the farmers of 425 rural Union Councils would be benefited under the programme. Similarly, the Promotion of Agriculture Mechanization will be carried out in 92 rural Union Councils of Sialkot and the local Agriculture Department had finalized necessary arrangement for the implementation of the plan. The process of balloting will be transparent for handing over the set of agricultural machines and implements to the farmers Sialkot district.



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