’35MAF water is thrown into sea during monsoon’

Despite being a water stressed country, Pakistan threw 35MAF invaluable water into the sea so far during the on-going monsoon season till to-date due to lack of water reservoirs and big dams. Water experts says that only 10 MAF water is required to thrown into Indus delta to check sea water intrusion and the degradation of the delta and adjacent coastal line. Had we stored the 25 MAF wasted water into the Arabian sea, we would have doubled the agriculture produce bringing millions of barren lands under cultivation, generated thousands of megawatt cheap hydel electricity, eliminated rural unemployment and turned around the economy” they added.

Punjab Irrigation department experts told Business Recorder here on Monday that unluckily Pakistan could only save 13.5 MAF water in Tarbela and Mangla dams, out of 50 MAF water that ran through the four live rivers Indus, Kabul, Jhelum, and Chenab; during past 50 days.



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