10 must have agriculture apps in 2018 that will make you more efficient

To meet the growing demand of food and agriculture, developers continue to launch apps that are useful, user friendly, and simple to use.

Below are the list of 10 new apps for agriculture that you can help you farm smarter in 2018.


AgriHunt App

AgriHunt App is a revolutionary website based android application. It provides complete information about crop production, weather forecast, agricultural advisory, best practices tips related to agriculture, Animal Husbandry, horticulture; a buyer and seller platform, market prices, all agriculture related news and Govt. schemes on your Smartphone.

It also provide latest updates of agriculture jobs and scholarships for students.You can download agri related books and reports from e-library and become the part of AgriHunt.Videos on best farming practices, farming technology, agricultural information are uploaded into the app by our agriculture experts and reliable sources. Here is the app link for:


Agri Smart – Punjab Agriculture Department

In order to help agriculture extension workers for effective agricultural developments, Punjab Public Management Reform Program (PPMRP) introduced an application for agricultural interventions named AgriSmart. The AgriSmart initiative has been taken to create a digital data base of:
• Farmer advisory services
• Plant clinics
• Crop reporting
• Pest scouting and warnings
• Farmer trainings and mega gatherings
• Monitoring of agricultural inputs


Jazz BaKhabar Kissan – Agriculture Service

Bakhabar Kissan is Jazz’s Application exclusively dedicated to Pakistani farmers and designed to help them to make informed decisions by accessing customized agricultural information related to their need. This application is for farmers and provides latest market rates, weather forecast, agricultural advisory, best practice tips, animal husbandry, section to buy products and all agriculture news and government schemes.It provide us knowledge about crops, livestock, market, weather and agriculture related news.Here is the app link for


Agriculture Corner

Agriculture Corner is on a continuous mission to bring enhancements in its systems to provide swift and superior agronomic services to farming and associated communities. In the same resolve, we have developed Pakistan’s first mobile app for Agriculture sector. Once installed it provides you an instant access to following services;

  1. Market prices,
  2. Weather forecasts,
  3. Farm advisory,
  4. News around the globe etc

Here is the app link for


Sprayer Calibration Calculator

This app will assist an applicator with calibrating a pesticide sprayer. It can be used for aerial, ground, turf, and boomless applications. It includes functions for determining the required nozzle flow rate, splitting that flow rate among different orifice sizes on an aerial boom, and calculating a required pressure to achieve a specific flow rate. It also has a function to convert values and rates for some commonly encountered variables and to determine maximum and minimum operating speeds based on nozzle capacity.Here is the app link for :


Nutrient ROI Calculator 2.0. (update) | PotashCorp

PotashCorp’s eKonomics program, an online agricultural resource dedicated to helping farmers maximize their yields and profits, has released an updated version of its valuable return-on-investment (ROI) calculator. The latest calculator model incorporates spatial variability, giving farmers a more accurate reflection of expected nutrient response in production-sized agriculture. As a result, farmers are able to make more accurate nutrient application plans, maximizing the benefits of crop inputs and increasing their profitability. Here is the app link


Sirrus Premium Upgrade | SST Software

Sirrus for iPhone and iPad helps agronomists and farmers collaborate on farming decisions by making field data accessible and easy to collect. By connecting to the agX Platform, standardized field data is available offline and can be shared with other users and applications. Sirrus now offers a premium upgrade that allows service providers to implement variable rate fertilizer application. Features include Product Labels; Safety Data Sheets; Variety Tech Sheets; Recommendation Reports; and Advanced Recommendation Editor. Here is the app link for

iPhone and iPad

iSOYLscout | SOYL

iSOYLscout is an easy-to-use, in-field scouting app. Simply record areas or points of interest either by hand, or while on the move on foot or in a vehicle using the built-in GPS. The app can be used to record crop performance and weed infestations, as well as any other feature you want to locate across the farm. Each logged feature provides an instant area measurement. Points of interest are recorded with a text label such as ‘Broad weed’. Notes and/or a photo can also be added to the point. iSOYLscout files are uploaded to mySOYL, OneDrive, or Dropbox allowing your scouted data to be wirelessly and efficiently transferred between field and office. Here is the app link for

iPhone and iPad

AgriSync | AgriSync Inc.

AgriSync enables farmers and advisors to connect and resolve support issues on the farm. Farmers can connect with multiple advisors from different companies to submit and receive support in real-time via video. Advisors can manage multiple service tickets through a dashboard and remote video that allows them to see what the farmer sees in real-time. A Web-based customer service dashboard allows the advisor’s organization to see open cases, resolution status and farmer feedback in real-time. Here is the app link for

AndroidiPhone, and iPad

Yara ImageIT | Yara International

Yara ImageIT is a farming app designed to measure nitrogen uptake in a crop and generate a nitrogen recommendation based on photographs of the crop. The app turns a farmer’s smartphone camera into a high-tech crop nutrient tester. ImageIT calculates nitrogen uptake based on leaf cover, leaf green color and estimated fraction of brown leaves. Besides showing the user how much nitrogen to apply to obtain optimal yield and crop quality, ImageIT provides quality assured fertilizer recommendations with Yara preferred product and contact information of the closest Yara office. Here is the app link for

AndroidiPhoneiPad and Windows







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Saad Ur Rehman Saadi

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